The artist Stellest is also a musician and more particularly a guitarist and singer. He has been working for several years now on the composition and production of music videos, within a musical group.

He collaborates with talented musicians such as Lino, Robin Pitts, Fernando Saunders, Irina Mossi and Yan Payer.

The masks used by the musicians evoke its mascot character “the Starman”, used in animated clips. “Nasha, Cafe of Peace” (2021)

Filming a music video on a green background

« Nasha, Café de la paix » (2021)

“Nasha café of peace” is the first musical clip of Stellest. Composed and produced by Stellest also on guitar and vocals, without forgetting Lino on guitar, Fernando Saunders on bass, Bobby surround, Jan Peyer, Irina Mossi, Giulia Singer and Christine Donzel.

The video is produced by Stellest and Tibor Lörincz on camera and editing.

You can take a look at the page Youtube Music